S-Line Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets


 Min Width x  Length : 600mm x 600mm

 Max Width x Length : 2100mm x 6000mm

General information

Printing: Where Corribord is to be printed on or glued to , it is necessary to etch both surfaces during the extrusion process.Sheet tested on line to a minimum dyne level  of 52 dynes. 

ESD Addtive sheet: These sheets can be produced on only black colour. Its surface resistance must be OHM

Non-Flammability:Coriboard can be extruded with flame retardant additives to meet customer`s flame retardant requirements. e.g. The typical requirement for temporary protection sheets- LPS 1207 - Fire Requirements For Protective Covering Materials. N.I.P. Certificate No. 341a. Other FR standards applicable

Production:Corriboard  can be die cut , hot-air welded ultra-sonically weldwd, glued and stapled.

Weathering: Corriboard requiring extended outdoor life must be UV stabilised Assuming normal weather conditions for the UK stablised Corriboard will last from 5 to 7 years.

Filled Grade: Talc filled grades are available to enhance the sheet i.e. greater rigidity , surface smoothness and thermal stability

Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Physical Qualifications 
Qualifications  Method  Unit  Polypropylene *
special PP weight  ISO 1183 gr/cm³ 0.907
water absorbtion  ISO 62 % 0.02
Thermal Specialities 
Speciality  Method   Unit  Polypropylene*
Air index ASTM D696 mm/m°C 0.18
Special temparature DSC J/g°C 1.68
Thermic inflexion temp.  ISO 75 °C 78
Thermic inflexion temp. ISO 75 °C 52
vicat softening temp.  ISO 306 °C 148
vicat softening temp. ISO 306 °C 78
Mechanic Qualifications  - 1
qualifications  Method   Unit  Polypropylene*
drawing resistance  ISO 527 MPa 38
split point  ISO 527 % 800
stretch index  ISO 178 MPa 1250
impact resistance  ISO 180 kJ/m² 80
Shore hardness ISO 868 - 66
Mechanic Qualifications  - 2
qualifications  Method   Unit  Polypropylene*
comparasion of maximum  2,1mm/350gr N/cm² Min. 3,7
tension  2,0mm/400gr
Min. 1,4
Min. 5,5
Min. 14,4
Optical Characteristics 
Specialities  Method Unit corrugated sheet 
light transmissivity  2,0mm/400gr % 58
2,5mm/450gr % 53
3,0mm/500gr % 51
4,0mm/1000gr % 37
Electrical Characterictics 
qualifications   Method Unit corrugated sheet 
surface resistance
Dielectric static ( at 1MHz’)
division rate  (at  tg δ 1 MHz )
dielectric resistance  ( 500 V/sec)
ASTMD 257 Ω Ca. 1013
ASTMD 150 -- 2,25
ASTMD 150 -- ‹ 5×10-4
ASTMD 149 kV/mm 70

Material Safety Certificate

Product description  Corrugated Plastic sheet 
Chemical Name  Polypropylene 
Dimensions and Physical Status Twin wall
Thickness: 2-8 mm Weight: 250-1800 gr/m²
Physical Features Solution Point
Softening Grade
Disintegration Temperature
160 - 175 °C
145 - 155 °C
> 300 °C
Reactions with other materials they are not chemical effective, dont require a special precaution
Transportation & storage  shipping classification 
not classified 
requires climate tepmarature at storage 
Processing & Measurement 
Be exposed to oral passage 
It is a polymere heavy with high molecular and is not a health thread for operators. 

resin is not harfull but with additive integrants it can be hazardous. please aavoid breathing !
Fire  & Explosion İnformation 
Automatic firing temparature
combustible features
Deflation factors
> 360 °C
H2O ve CO2
water, mist,foam, CO2, dust etc. 
Toxicological info PP corrugated sheet is certainly not effective and harmfull to environment. 
Waste  Waste should be disposed by burning at determined regions or under approved status.   
Reusing info  Corrugated sheest can be rcycled more easily when compared with other materials. 

Suitable for Usage in Food Sector

We hereby confirm that raw material which is used for production of corrugated sheet is suitable with followings: 

AUSTRIA: ‘K.V.’ N° 775, 23/09/1994 approval letter UZ 17639-45/92

BELGIUM: Arrete Royal du 25 Aout 1976(  amended by Arrete Royal 24/7/1992

DENMARKSundhetsministeriets bekendtgoreise N° 931 of the 6/12/95.

FINLAND: KTM, Paatos 397/94 and following updates. 

FRANCEMatériaux au contact de denrées alimentaires destinées a l` alimentation humaine. Brochure n° 1227 édition Janvier 1994 ( as updated ). Arrêté du 14 Septembre 1992. (like amended.) 

GERMAN BgvV RecomNo: 307 of 1991 

ITALY: Regulated from Decreto ministeriale del 21/3/1973 ` 26/4/1993 to D.M.N° 220 and following updatings. 

LUXEMBOURGRèglement Grand - Ducal ` - 11/6/1991. Pages 1/2

NORWAY: Kongelig Resolusion 11 March 1976 and following updates on 21/12/1993 

PORTUGAL13/09/1995’in Portaria ` N° 1114/95

SPAIN: Regulated by  (Resolucion de )4/11/1982 Real Decreto on 2207/1994- 16/11/1994

SWEDEN: Nourishment Regulation: amended like SLV FS; 1993; 18`, 16/12/1993

NETHERLANDVerpakkingen en Gebruiksartikelenbesluit ` ( Warenwet ) : ` Regeling ` 21/08/1991.

begining 167 of 29/8/1991 and following supports. 

UKPlastics for food contact applications ` Revised ed. 1986.` Statutory Instruments,

1992 N° 3145 ` and following amendments. 

USA: For the situaitions of A usage in whinch includes H,  FDA parts 21 § 177.1520 ( a ) ( 3 ) ( i ) ve ( c ) ( 3.2a ) 21 CFR 176.170 ( c )’ chart2. all food sorts are same as listed at 21 CFR.  According to our information Chart 1, all the other ingredients are used as frmulated by FDA regulations and 21 CFR 177.1520 ( b ). 

SWITZERLAND KsV, 26 June 1995. approval letter Re. : 8.21. - 325 BM

Approval letters was performed basing on the staples without any additive ingredient (color, AS or UV). above stated informations was fulfilled according to current knowledges. These titles dont imply any warranty regarding from producers to third parties. Users should comprehend above information as a guide book to decide precautions for environment protecting and keep materials in safe. 

Comparation of Plastic and Carton

  Corrugated Plastic  Corrugated Paper Molded Plastic
Project Development Fast & Inexpensive. Same as corrugated plastic. Very Expensive.
Durability & Strength Lightweight. Tear & puncture resistant. Tears easily.Punctures easily. Heavy. May crack with strong impact.
Cleanliness Leaves no dust or residue in environment. Can leave dust in environment or equipment. Same as corrugated plastic.
Cost Long life span. Reusable. Significant long-term savings Short life span. Must be replaced often. Per cycle cost expensive. Same as corrugated plastic.
Lead Time Production is very fast. Same as corrugated plastic. Lead times on new products as much as 5 times longer.
Waste Reusable and recyclable waste is very minimal. Reoccurring waste and disposal cost. Same as corrugated plastic.
Custom Simple and fast. Same as corrugated plastic. Difficult and slow.
Work Interruption Less downtime due to long-term reusability of container. Downtime and interruption due to broken containers. Downtime and interruption due to broken containers.
Moisture Waterproof. Unaffected by most chemicals. Breaks down or destroyed. Same as corrugated plastic.
Color Variety of colors in stock. Custom colors available. Brown or white. Limited colors in stock.   


1)  Excellent Mechanics Property :
Because of special structure of corrugated plastic sheet, it has excellent mechanics performances as follows: strong and good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, buffer shock, very high hard, good bending properties and long-time durable.

2)  Light Weight & Materials Saving:
Corrugated Plastic Sheet has excellent mechanics property, if up to achieve the same result with it, extruding corrugated sheet is with low cost, materials saved, light weight.

3)  Heat and Sound Insulation :

Corrugated plastic sheet has excellent heat and sound insulation because of its hollow structure, which makes the performance of heat and sound transfer much lower than solid board.

4)  Anti-static, Conductive and Flame Retardant:
Taking modified, mixing and surface spraying etc methods to make corrugated plastic sheet with properties such as anti-static, conductive and flame retardant. 

5) Stable Chemical Property:
Corrugated Plastic Sheet has obvious advantages such as chemical resistance, water proof, moisture resistance, excellent weather ability, anti-corrosion, fade resistance etc comparing with carton board or wooden board.

6) Smooth and Beautiful Surface and Various of Colors Available:
As for its special extruding technology, corrugated plastic sheet can be produced with various of colors through changing master batch’ color. Excellent surface for painting and inks jet easily.

7) Environmental Friendly:
Corrugated Plastic Sheet has the property of non-toxic and no-pollution etc, so it can be disposed simply without any pollution to the environment. Meantime, it also can be used with recycling. 

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